Monday, September 2, 2019

Diamond and CMS Award Book Lesson Activities (Ongoing)

Ark Lib Frameworks

PG.6.X.6 Recognize that award-winning literary works have met certain criteria (e.g. Arkansas Diamond, Caldecott, Coretta Scot King, Pura Belpre)



Students tell favorite book titles and what they know (K of KWL) about these books that makes them so great as well as utilize the library class reading check-list to discuss what they know about favorite books.

Discuss, read, and compare award book nominees to student favorites (named by students). Create a list of characteristics (award book criteria) to help students articulate why they would or would not vote for the highlighted award book nominee.

With their partner or group, students tell one reason why they liked or disliked the story.

After listening to the book and or a selection of the book, students rate if they would read and/or vote for the book using emoji (facial expressions, multiple choice emoji images, thumbs up/thumbs down) or other (example: thumbs up/thumbs down).  Post for CMS Previews:

Student and/or LMS log responses here for later review closer to voting dates: Click

Vocabulary Spotlight Activity: TBA


Students check-out and read award book nominees and other Award Books in class and/or at home and post the title of the book with their emoji responses.

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