Friday, May 29, 2015

Microsoft Office 365 (Free to Staff, Students, and Parents)

Greetings students and parents,

LRSD has acquired Office 365 license for employees and students.  Directions for downloading the software on home devices  can be provided with parent signature (not required if 13 or over). There is a legal issue associated with students under the age of 13 installing the software on their home devices. 

Parents, if you would like this information sent home, please print (if not provided), sign, and return a hard copy of this notice to Mrs. Williams, LMS (  

Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365
Tour Microsoft Office 365 for users chap 1 Welcome to Office 365 YouTube (click title to view the video)

Tour Office 365 for users chap 4 Microsoft Office and Office Web Apps YouTube (click title to view the video)

Student Name:
Parent Signature:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Edline Reports

Did you know you can customize the view of your reports? 

Edline provides options for you to customize reports for posting or printing.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Summer Reading

Reading Challenges

myOn Summer Reading Challenge and LRSD

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge
Reading for the World Record (Video)

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge (Website and Registration)

Summer Book Challenge 3rd-12th ($CASH$)  (Thanks for the information Mrs. H. Bishop)

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading (Free Book)

Reading Lists

ALA Summer Reading List (LRSD Instructional Technology Recommends)

The Mighty Miss Malone (Summaries and Library Skills Video Tips)

The Might Miss Malone and Library Skills

Students were asked to read chapters and locate additional book titles and information related to the theme/other of The Mighty Miss Malone.  Students were also asked to create videos to help other students be successful in finding the right information including how they located select books.

Below are a few examples videos:

Locating a Book

The Mighty Miss Malone (Glogster Student Presentation Draft found online)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer Reading Crew Needed

The library media center is in need of volunteers to promote the summer reading program.  It is our plan to join Scholastic's Read for the World Record.  Here is some information about the challenge:

Crew Coordinator
An adult volunteer that organizes drew job tasks and calendar.

Crew Manager
A student volunteer that organizes drew job tasks and calendar with the Crew Coordinator.

Student Crew
A Student Crew is a team of middle school students who help plan and promote summer reading. Students know what’s popular among other students and have great ideas on how to attract the entire school community to participate.

Junior Crew
A Junior Crew is the same idea, but with younger students.

Jobs to consider

1-Advertising:  help market summer reading and books (example: video book trailers/book talks) to students, staff, parents, and community

2-Decorating: help decorate and advertise great books to read for summer

3-Contests Crew: helps the media specialist get the school involved 

4-Social Media Crew: helps post updates and information about reading throughout the summer to media specialist, PTSA and administrators for media outlets (lmc blog, website, facebook, etc.) 

5-Submit a job idea

Interested participants should sign-up online at:  Also, students can inquire about Adopt-a-Shelf (reshelving and organizing designated areas with their special tag  and displaying recommended books) .

Monday, May 11, 2015

Links for May 11, 2015

1-Library Media Center Blog

2-FHSA Symbaloo

Will be utilizing Myon and Renaissance Learning (AR) icons from the Symbaloo.

The Parts of a Book   

AR Quiz  155945 

Bob the Alien Discovers Dewey

AR Quiz 134450

****Early Bird Activity
Review the Sections of the Library Vocabulary

Friday, May 8, 2015

AR Rewards: Creating Your Own Read Poster

Steps to Complete Your Read Poster (Read and Achieve 100+ points)

1. Take a photo of yourself holding one of your favorite books (example positions):  You may ask to use the camera in the library media center at a time approved by your teacher and the media specialist. This picture should be saved to your Google Drive or a flashdrive.

2. Once you have saved the picture, explore the resources below to edit your background.  Use the Online Generator to finalize your poster with your edited photograph and the word READ.

3. Email or bring your poster design (on a flashdrive) to the library media center.  Talk to Mrs. Williams about printing this poster.


Online Generator


Photoshop Elements ALA Webinar (software trial available with an Adobe account)\(video)  (slides) 

Help buy the kit  (ask about how to make donations to the media center)