Thursday, February 15, 2018

One Search Chronicles: Cals and Butler Center

One Search is a District initiative that asks us (students, teachers/staff, etc.)  to research the history of our schools.

This is my part of the journey:

After presentations from George West and Rhonda Stewart, the District media specialist were encouraged to walk over to the Butler Center, 2nd floor or Main Library, 2nd floor in search of information about our schools. One goal was to locate an article about when the school opened. In addition, after accessing the resources, it will be our goal to create tips to help guide One Search participants.

I have decided to begin a spreadsheet of topics/ideas that students, classes, teachers, and supporters can use who are willing to participate in this project and will post a screen shot here of potential topics I find today and/or ideas (inspired today or previously through this project).

Screenshot coming soon

Random incidents and thoughts while scanning sources::

Arkansas Studies Center (link TBA)
-How do R. Stewart get to this link? (Later: > left side under tabs = search bar)
-Jim Guy Tucker went to Forest Heights?
-I bet Mr. Louis Bell Jr.  is a relative of Dr. Laverne Bell-Tolliver (FH Feb. 9 guest)
-Who is Virginia Beard? (Butler Center Desktop Screen Link)
-I really need to know what key words to use:
-Forest Heights
-Forest Heights school
-Capitalize or don't capitalize
-Forest Heights School AND Little Rock
-Why when I click on this articles does it say: "You need a subscription..."
-I might be clicking forever
-R. Stewart asked did I find anything yet. I mentioned Tucker, Bell, Beard results but mentioned that I was having trouble with newspaper articles (she said I needed to see the physical newspaper info (I am assuming microfilm/fiche?). We will see.

Item print-out given to me for review:
City Directory

-Reflection: This project is in the gathering artifacts and sources stage.  Products when?

Later that day:

I presented an idea today that schools should use social media as a way to get and publish historical information about our schools. At least 4 other schools may be willing to try it. Look for coming instructions and watch these hashtags on social media (linked details coming soon):