Monday, November 2, 2015

Plagiarism November 2015

Before beginning our lesson on Plagiarism, be sure to review the Library's:

Rules and Procedures Page 1 & 2
Read and Achieve Notice for 1st 9 weeks (AR/Myon)
AR Tips and 2nd 9 weeks update

Skills Objectives
SR 4.X.1 Library policies and procedures in the school library media center.
SR.4.6.3 Respect and follow copyright laws 


What do these famous people have in common? 
Nicki Minaj
Justin Bieber
Cold Play
Tyler Perry

Some descriptions of plagiarism include cheating, using someone's else's work as your own, using someone's work inappropriately, and/or not giving credit to sources used.


To learn more about Plagiarism, login to > Search for Understanding Computer Search and Research > mute your computer.  We will read and discuss pages 36, 37, 38, and 39 together.   Please be advised that you will have a post-test over the information.  You should've taken the pre-test already (let me know immediately if you have not).


Fair Use (Using Content Legally)

Google Drive and Research Tools

Easybib (there is also an add on for Google Chrome)

Cite Fast