Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mock Science Experiment, Report, and Display Template

Let's Reverse Engineer the Process

 "to disassemble and examine or analyze 
in detail (a product or device) to discover 
the concepts involved in manufacture usually
 in order to produce something similar." - Merriam Webster

Using the mock experiment provided, let's look at the final project check sheet in reverse. I recommend that you find each area in the Science Fair Packet for definition, steps, and other information.

F. Bibliography (References) and E.  Acknowledgements/Credits 

Easy Bib

Google Doc (Citing Sources)

Use one or more of these tools to try Creating a Sample Bibliography with the Packet Recommended Sources. Also remember, to use the word Bibliography (center) at the top of the page.  Citations should be listed in alphabetical order by the first word.  

Selecting Sources Reminder(s)
Utilize a Recommended Database or Evaluate the Source (What #?)

E. Ideas for Future Research, Conclusion, Data Analysis and Discussion, Experimental Procedure, Materials List

Conclusion (Packet info.: Answer investigative question/prove or disprove hypothesis/ summarize and evaluate procedures/include supporting data/Explain how the data supports/suggest changes: procedures and/or possibilities for further study)

Plagiarism Reminder
"Some descriptions of plagiarism include cheating, using someone's else's work as your own, using someone's work inappropriately, and/or not giving credit to sources used."
Read More at:

D. Background Research (Study your topic and become a scholar)

C. Abstract, Table and Contents, Questions, Variables, and Hypothesis

Introduction (Abstract, Question, Variables, and Hypothesis)

Question: (see the Science Fair Guide Checkpoint Planning Sheet and Defining the Terms)

Variables and Hypothesis:

B. Title Page

A. Selecting a Topic

1. Science Fair Experiments Examples (see for ideas and possible sources) (see for ideas and possible sources; ask your teacher about preferences for this site) (Book list at FHSA)

Consider using Wikipedia for ideas even if you don't use it as a main source.  Also, look at the sources in the selected Wikipedia article.

2. Creating an Original Science Project Idea

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Five Finger Test (Create Your Own with these in Mind) - Writing in the Library Media Center

Have you heard of the five finger test for choosing the right book?  If not, I have a few examples linked below.  Once you understand the five finger test, find a way to paraphrase or come up with your own test to find the right book.  (Suggests the middle of the book)

Join the blog with your Little Rock School District email, (3rd-8th) and K-2, ask the media specialist.  After joining the blog, post your Five Finger Test as a comment.  If you have problems, see the media specialist.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Reading Goals 2017-18 and Reading Challenges

Current Reading Challenge 
(12 Weeks Beginning Nov. 29)

Reading Goals 2017-18

Reading and other school programs can be found at:

Myon Login Instructions: Go to the FHSA Symbaloo > Click Myon
> Login username: Student ID and Password: student ID

Accelerated Reader (quizzing at school only): Go the the FHSA Symbaloo >
Click Renaissance Learning >
Login Username: firstname.lastname and Password: Student ID

Accelerated Reader Book Finder