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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Science Experiment and Science Fair Resources 2016-17

Before beginning below, review the 2016-17 Library Procedures.

Resources and Tips

1. Science Fair Experiments (see for ideas and possible sources) (see for ideas and possible sources) (Book list at FHSA)

Consider using Wikipedia for ideas even if you don't use it as a main source.  Also, look at the sources in the selected Wikipedia article.

2. Creating an Original Science Project Idea

3. FHSA Library
Online Public Acces Catalog (OPAC) (Symbaloo > OPAC)
(Request a book order for a title that we do not have that you would like to check-out.)

eScience Library (Database features: lexile level, audio read to, change language, click to definition, book carts (teacher recommended sources) and more)

ProQuest Central (Databases)

The FHSA Library also has quite a few printed encyclopedias that could be used as a source.

**********Why use databases versus the Internet?******

4. Central Arkansas Library

OPAC (check-out requires a library card)

Databases (some links may require a library card) > Reference and Research > Databases by Subject > Scroll to Science

5. Help with Citing Sources

Easy Bib

Google Docs/Google Slides Research Tool
Open File or New > Click Tools > Research > Find the source > Click Cite as Footnote or Insert

Purdue OWL Research and Citation Resources
(Google: Owl Purdue citing sources)

6. Science Fair Board Display Tips

Discovery Education

Science Fair Buddies Advanced Tips

7. Ask for Help
If you have attempted to locate the information that you need and are having trouble, come by the media center for additional information about any of these resources  and/or make an appointment for a science fair consultation.

Library Procedures Review 2016-17