Tuesday, April 16, 2019

End of Year Showcase Resources

If I Had a Million Dollars . . .
Research and Prototype Challenge

If I had a million dollars to improve a/an ___________ crisis, I would ____________________________.  

(1) Fill in the sentence blanks

(2) Develop a invention prototype and/or informational template draft

(3) Develop an "elevator pitch"

Find additional details at:

Consider Your STEM Unit StudyTopic

Kindergarten: Life Cycles-Plants & Animals
1st Grade: Solar Energy & Natural Resources
2nd Grade: Clean Water
3rd Grade: Carbon Sequestration-Pollution
4th: Energy
5th Grade: Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure
6th Grade: Reverse Engineering the Brain & Medicine
7th: Health & Health Informatics
8th: Engineer Tools of Scientific Discovery & Space

Prototype Project Resources
Coming Soon!

Informational Project Resources
Coming Soon!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Celebrating Libraries

Hello, next week is National Library Week and April is School Library Month. To celebrate, we invite small groups (3 to 5 students) to visit the library at times and activities as listed:

Activities Coming Soon!!!!