Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bibliography and More

Reminders and Tips 
*You must acknowledge all sources read, taken from, etc. to avoid plagiarism.

*Find this handout and other helpful links at (You can find links to Pebble Go Next and Myon books as great non-fiction sources; see the Elementary Favorites Tab).

*One of the parts of your science fair report is a bibliography (usually the last page of a report).

*Students may use MLA Format (sample above but know that winning projects moving to district/regional/state competitions may require APA).

*There are a number of web resources that can assist in the format of citations including but not limited to: Google Docs (Tools > Explore > search for or cut and paste website > Use Cite as Footnote > Cut citation > Paste citation in bibliography (remove footnote #) and Easy Bib (

*On the bibliography, sources should be listed in alphabetical order by the first word in the citation.

*For the full report, the media specialist suggests using the Tab key instead of the space bar for multiple spaces (example: table of contents spacing to pg#), inserting page breaks to keep sections on the correct page, and insert page numbers (see steps by using help and typing in underlined words on Google Docs or Microsoft Word).