Monday, August 24, 2015

Library Procedures

How to Keep Your Eagle Pin

*Enter Quietly and Remain at the .....

*Taking Care of Books
1-Mr. Wiggles:
2-Mr. Wiggles Power Point: 

Manners With a Library Book (Myon)

*Reading to Self
What do you see?

What do you see?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Library Orientation for Teachers

Library Orientation Part I

(1) Library Norms Brainstorm  (To Do)

Input the following:
Topic: Library
1st Round: Aspects that should remain the same related to students, staff, and/or meetings/events
2nd Round: Aspects that should be changed related to students, staff, and/or meetings/events

Access the library calendar at: > see Calendar (

(2) Library Resources 

Traditional Materials
Elementary (right), Middle (left) and General Collection
Professional Collection - located in the media center office
DVD Collection (limited for elementary at this time*)
(Let me know if you do not want your district pin number as your patron id for check-out.)


Other Ebooks (login information at > see Online Resources)

Accelerated Reader/STAR
Getting Started Tutorials 


New Accelerated Reader 360 (Non-fiction Articles and Assignments)

Discovery (video resources*) 

Gaggle Tube (You Tube video resources accessible with less difficulties*) (see Gaggle Tube videos)

Arkansas Traveler Databases**
Access the databases on the media center blog at > see online resources or

Collaboration Brainstorm  (To Do)

1. Input Topic as Content Skill and Grade
2. 1st Round: Library Skill or Resource to integrate   (More details at: and state collaboration form in #4 of this blog post).
3. 2nd Round: Estimated Timeline (example: Month, 9 weeks, etc.)

Note: As with Edline and Gaggle, Myon and Accelerated Reader are accessible based on set-up on the District Level.  I will announce when class and student information has been updated.

(3) Laminating Guidelines and Basic How-to 

Library Orientation Part II

(4) Lesson/Collaboration Requests for the Library

Librarian and Teacher Collaboration Form (from AR Media Specialist Wiki) 

(5) Resources for Creating a Poster in Publisher Using a Standard Printer  

Creating Banners and Posters

In the following Google Doc, please provide, check/list the resources that you would like to see provided as a staff development:  (To Do)

Power Point of Presentation: