Monday, November 10, 2014

PLTW K-5 1st Semester Resources

K-Structure and Function/Pearson (P.) Chapter 2 "Solve Problems"
1-Light and Sound/P. Chapter 2 and Chapter 8 Lesson 1,3
2-Materials, Matter, Heat/P. Chapter 2 and chapter 8
3-Flight/P. Chapter 2 and Chapter 10
4-Force and Motion/P. Chapter 2, Chapter 8 Lesson 1 and Chapter 10
5-Robotics/P. Chapter2, Chapter 7 "Weather Related Natural Disaster"

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Summarizing and Paraphrasing

Summarizing vs Retelling

Summarizing Non-Fiction Text

Summarizing Text


1. Select and view at least one video
2. Complete any exercises provided in the video (optional)
3. After viewing the video