Monday, October 30, 2017


Pre- Assessment
Review Library Procedures (Reminders: Sign-in location and an Adult must be present)

TBA Answer Sheet and Pen/Pencil

What do these people have in common?

Justin Bieber
Tyler Perry
Cold Play
Nicki Minaj

Some descriptions of plagiarism include cheating, using someone's else's work as your own, using someone's work inappropriately, and/or not giving credit to sources used.

Essential Question
Throughout the rest of this lesson ask yourself, what is plagiarism and how does it relate to you as a student in the 21st century.

Share class answers at: be advised that you will have a post-test over the information.  You should've taken the pre-test already (let your teacher know immediately if you have not).

Post Assessment

1. Go to the FHSA Symbaloo > Click Renaissance Learning > Login as user: firstname.lastname and pswd: id number (lunch).

2. Click Take a Quiz > Search for Avoiding Plagiarism> answer the questions and submit the quiz.


Fair Use (Using Content Legally)

Google Drive and Research Tools

Easybib (there is also an add on for Google Chrome)

Cite Fast

Lesson Plan Notes:

SR.4.X.3 Respect and follow copyright laws 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Why Not Google? 5 Things Students Should Consider for Academic Research


Review Library Procedures
(A few reminders and updates: 1- Be sure to sign in by the workroom door everytime you come into the library and are not with a class. 2- If for some reason there is no adult present in the library, you should return to class immediately (usually there will be a sign posted on the front door so look for it as well).

Handouts  (login to view draft) 


  1. There is a difference between search and research (see Myon book, Computer Search and Research). In addition, Google (and other free search engines) are designed for searching (often showing top searches for paid and/or popular sites) and academic and professional databases were designed for research (schools, libraries, and groups pay to have access to the information compiled by professionals and experts).

    "... Searching is the first step, when yo use a computer to find information. Research is the second step--looking at the information carefully, to decide whether it is useful."

  1. Current research projects are building a foundation for high school credit work, collegiate, and/or professional research. Aside from gaining knowledge about the topic, another purpose is to acquire research skills based on best practices that will save you time and help you to more likely  obtain accurate information. With the Internet as a common tool, students often don’t have the skills to complete high level research observed often in college settings.  (Articles available, linked as handouts)

  1. Consider fair use of material (use of words, pictures, video and audio (example: 10 % of a song or no more than 30 sec), paraphrasing, quoting with limits (consider fair use and ask your teacher), and citing sources to avoid plagiarism. (linked as handout)

  1. Using Google (or use another search engine) instead of going straight to an available library database (example: Proquest/eLibrary at FHSA OPAC Links:, means you should master boolean operators (AND, OR, NEAR, NOT)  and other strategies.  Know that research is often not a quick activity.  With this in mind, quicker may still mean after a time of looking, reading, and trying different strategies that some professional may’ve already done for you in an available database.

  1. Choosing to Google (or use another search engine) instead of going straight to a professional or academic database (example CALS A-Z:, requires using a teacher recommended plan to ensure you have reliable sources (example document provided, see handouts) and consider that some professionals may’ve already saved you some steps/time in an available database. 
    List some of your favorite sites for research and use the chart provided to see how well these sites score for credibility.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Author to Visit FHSA, J. Scott Savage and Don't Forget B & N (Correction Oct 10, 6pm)

We had a great time with Mr. Savage.  
Be sure to check him out at Barnes and Noble (and receive your free signed poster).

Author Event, Children's Event, Young Readers (Childrens) 
(Correction, Tuesday, Oct 10 not Monday October 09, 2017 6:00 PM 

Join the "meet and greet with children's author J. Scott Savage. Mr. Savage's latest book Embers of Destruction is the third book in the Mysteries of Cove series." 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mole Day (23rd) and October Library Resources

Mole Day

From National Geographic*

From Scholastic


Washington Post

Use Text Above to Practice Analyzing with the 5W's (K-2) and Text Structures/Features (2-5)

Scholastic 5W's Chart

5W's Teacher Resource and Song TBA

Text Structures

Text Features

From Scholastic Text Features and Text Structures (Also a Scavenger Hunt) (23 posters:

From Scholastic


Create and Utilize Word Puzzles about Mole Day and Analyzing Text  (online and printed TBA)  (online and printed TBA)

Practice Vocabulary  about Mole Day and Analyzing Text > Mole Day*

Poetry using 5W's

Don't Forget to Sign-up for Maker Space Workshops
(forms available in the library) 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Makerspace Workshops

Limited slots (First come, first served by application)
K-5 receive applications from their classroom teacher
4th - 8th pick-up applications in the library or counselor's office
Workshops run for a month by grade
2 to 4 Thursday's after school to 3:30 (# of days based on # of applicants)

October: Becoming a Makerspace Presenter
4th -8th Grade
-select a topic of interest to explore
-create mini tutorials and challenges to videotape for younger students
-present video, answer questions, and help students in 1 or more workshops for classes or possibly after school
Topic ideas: legos/other building challenges, 3D modeling/printing, knitting/crocheting, recycled and duct tape creations, etc.


Lego Challenges
November: Kindergarten
December/Jan.: 1st Grade
February: 2nd Grade
March: 3rd Grade

-given and complete a Lego build challenge
-share Lego creations with group