Friday, December 18, 2020

Early Christmas - Books From the Virtual Book Fair

 Have you received your books from the Virtual Book Fair?

Royce received an early Christmas.  Send a picture of you and your books today to

Royce - 1st Grade Virtual Student

Don't Miss These Great Events (CALS Grinchfest and More)



 Virtual Grinchfest (CALS)

Virtual Grinchfest will be presented online starting at 9 am on December 22, and ending at 8:59 am December 23rd. We will have crafts and giveaways available for pick up at the Children’s Library and Learning Center during business hours (9am to 6pm) starting December 22, until supplies last. The program will stream on CALS Children’s Library facebook, and also on THV11 and the Arkansas Arts Center facebook channels.   Read more at:


 Author Story Time: Maria Hoskins

Locak Author, Maria Hoskins will feature two of her books, Christmas Night on the Farm and her new book, My Sister My Friend.

The event will be broadcasted LIVE on Pyramid's Facebook page.  To interact with the author on Zoom, join from your PC, tablet, or Smartphone  at: 

 December 19 at 11:30AM

Meeting ID: 822 1979 5176

Passcode: 863705

North Little Rock Junior League - Virtual Story Time

It's Virtual Storytime!!!! The Junior League of North Little Rock is inviting children in grades K-3 to get on the virtual bus for storytime.
Please fill out the Google Doc link to receive the Zoom information. We start Saturday, December 19, 10am.

Prizes will be given based on attendance at the 'Get On The Bus' Even


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Reading Challenges 2020: Ready, Set, and READ



K-5 Myon Challenge

Access Myon through Classlink:

Username: Student ID/Lunch Number and Password: Birth Year/Day/MoFirstInitial

Jane Doe User: 000000 Pswd: 20080317J


6th - 8th Book Bingo Reading Challenge

Find and e-copy the Bingo Card at: 
and submit your bingo entry form

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Science/STEM Fair Resources

1. Science Fair Experiments (Just to brainstorm ideas-you are developing an original project**) (see for ideas and possible sources) (Ideas for science) (Ideas for engineering)

2. Creating an Original Science Project Idea**

3. FHSA Library
Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) or (Symbaloo > OPAC)
(Request a book order for a title that we do not have that you would like to check-out.)

eScience Library (Database features: lexile level, audio read to, change language, click to definition, book carts (teacher recommended sources) and more)

Pebble Go Next (see On-line Resources Compiled for FHSA for username and password)

ProQuest Central (Databases)

The FHSA Library also has quite a few printed encyclopedias that could be used as a source.

**********Why use databases versus the Internet?******

4. Central Arkansas Library

OPAC and Databases (some links may require your Tech Card #) > Reference and Research > Databases by Subject > Scroll to Science

5. Help with Citing Sources  (seeing defining terms and example in Science Fair Packet: Bibliography)

Easy Bib

Google Docs/Google Slides Research Tool

Purdue OWL Research and Citation Resources
(Google: Owl Purdue citing sources)

6. Science Fair Board Display Tips

Discovery Education

Science Fair Buddies Advanced Tips

7. Ask for Help
If you have attempted to locate the information that you need and are having trouble, come by the media center for additional information about any of these resources  and/or make an appointment for a science fair consultation.  Also, see resources in your S Fair Packet.


RESOURCES (from  previous FHSA Science Fair Packets)
The Kids’ Guide to Science 
NCES Kids’ Zone Graph Maker:

Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental ideas/Research) 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Virtual Book Fair November 12-25


Virtual Book Fair = Previews and Purchases Online

Dear Parents and Families:

We are working hard to keep kids reading and raise critical funds for our school with our Scholastic Online Book Fair from [November 12 - 25]!  Visit the site below to order or create an eWallet for a class or individual student. With eWallets, students can use library time to select books online that will be mailed to their homes. The Fair will connect your kids to notable books and inspiring characters—helping them become lifelong readers. And you’ll love the new option to experience the magic of the shopping experience through a Virtual Book Fair!

Plus, enjoy these special online shopping features:

Access to over 6,000 products

All orders ship direct to home

FREE shipping on book-only orders over $25*

All purchases support our school and earn 25% in rewards

Visit the websites below for details. Thank you for your support. 



How to set-up an eWallet

Book Fair Preview

Submit a Wish List

View a Wish List

Book Recommendations

Online Catalog

Buy Here 

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

ViPS Reading Day 2020

 VIPS Jane Mendel Reading Day

November 17 Agenda

Read Letter From VIPS Volunteer

Read or preview the book donation

Participate in Opening and Zoom Story Times

 (Special Note: There is a video from Mayor Frank Scott and a Zoom Story Time with Supt. Poore at 8:30am.  Login in to the the Library Schoology Page for available Zoom Links.)

Write Thank You Note(s)

(To VIPS Volunteers and Book Donors)

Take Pictures and Post Throughout 

(Send to,, and post to social media)

#FHSAVIPS2020 #ViPSLRSD @LRSDViPS #ViPSReadingDay2020 #ViPSLetters4Literacy 


Arrival of letters and books November 11

Read about our gifts here: 

If you wanted to donate a book to help celebrate VIPS Reading Day, the Fall Virtual Book Fair provides another opportunity.  Find out more here:

Monday, November 9, 2020

Anne Frank


Anne Frank Slide Show as PDF 


Reminder to preview books and message Ms. Deidre Williams on Schoology about the book you would like to check-out:

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Station 1
Video 1: Rain Forest (Twitter)

Station 2
Video 2: Indegious leader in Brazil ... (CBSN on You Tube)

Station 3
Chart 1: Timber value and murders

Station 4
Article 1: Amid Outrage Over Rain Forest . . .

Station 5
Article 2: Why the Amazon doesn't really produce 20% of the world's oxygen

Station 6
Chart 2: Deforestation in the Brazilian Ampn, 1988-2015

Destructive Amazon Fires Do Not Threaten Earth's Oxygen Expert Says

Causes of Deforestation in the Brazillian Amazon, 2000-2006

Resources and handouts compiled by J. Davidson/FHSA

Gallery Walk Set-up and Co- Facilitated with Library Media Center Staff

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Library Lessons

 Click the link > Find your grade folder > Find this week's lesson

Friday, May 22, 2020

Overdue Books

Please use this page to get updates about overdue books.

Students with overdue books should return their book as soon as possible. Students that are unable to should complete the survey linked here.

Students that have not returned their book, completed the survey, or made arrangements by June 3 will be assessed a lost book fine of up to $25.

 If you dropped off your book during drive thru dates, ignore any notices.

List of Patrons with Items
Access the link with an LRSD Google Account or complete the survey above to be contacted.
A list update is expected after book quarantine May 29-June 5 or 9 (TBA).

Monday, May 18, 2020

Opinion Writing - 1st Grade Stop Here

Vocabulary - General

Vocabulary-Students Create (Use Try Sample):

Student said they needed to practice at least one word on this list:
linking words
opinion piece (you may need to list these words individually)

A Place to Write on Opinion Piece - My favorite book is ________ because ___________.

Click Here to Type

Monday, May 11, 2020

1st Grade Lesson Links

 May 11 November Birthday Winners
Hunter * Chloe

After the lesson, go to 

Select, write, and type 4 focus words to review from the lesson
(Check your spelling)

Try a sample activity using any of these words that you feel you should practice:

Opinion Writing Word Lists

Orange List

Yellow List
linking words
opinion piece

More Presentation and Activity Links Coming Soon

Monday, May 4, 2020

Special Events You May Enjoy - Week of May 4

Tricks, Skills, and Fun - May 5
Zoom Visit with Retired Globetrotter Herbert "Flight Time" Lang

One and Only Bob Book Launch Online with the Author -May 5
To register go to:

Monday, April 27, 2020

AR testing now available at home

AR Testing is now available from home. 

Students should be able to access Renaissance Learning in Classlink or from the media center online at under recommended links.

User: first.lastname
Password: id/lunchnumber

If questions or problems, email

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Shine Bright Like a Diamond - Digital Etiquette Starters

Hello, I hope to visit with classes online whenever I can and hope you will:

Get Caught Shining Like a Diamond

1 - Keep your microphone muted until asked to speak (try to set up your meeting and learning environment with as little background noise as possible).

2 - Show how attentive you are by sitting up and looking into the camera screen with a calm body (as if listening to a story during class carpet time). Your head and shoulders should appear centered and facing the camera (as much as feasible) to show that you are paying attention.

3 - Actively participate when asked to give answers by microphone or reaction.

4 - Leave the microphone, chat, screen share/writing tools, and all computer areas inactive until asked to use them (inactive = don't touch).

5 - Show kindness and respect. (Demonstrate that you care about the teacher, students, and the work).

I would love to acknowledge individual students, groups, and classes with a Diamond Digital Badge (posted online and emailed) symbolizing how great you are interacting online.  In addition, I will list these students, groups, and classes (by individual name) in a drawing to get a special mail or delivery item from me.  Click the class response link to suggest reasonable items you would like sent to you as a prize (recognition online, you name the student friendly online activity and invite friends to share screen, food item, small gift, digital prize, special e-post card/letter, by email, etc.):  Class Response.

D. Williams, LMS

New Tumblebooks eLibrary and Teen BookCloud

TumbleBookLibrary - K-6 children's ebook database

TumbleMath - K-6 math ebook database

TeenBookCloud - gr 7-12 ebook database

AudioBookCloud - all ages audio book database

This access has been provided free by Tumblebooks for use by Forest Heights STEM Academy, students/parents and staff.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

3rd Grade Live Online - Coming Soon

1st Grade Words - Story Element (Optional Assignment, Not Required)

April 16 Presentation (email if problems with link)

Try to login for activities at:

 ID: 265 555
instead of Guest
(Microsoft Link)
And password YYYY/Mo/DaX

X=1st name initial

Some words may repeat 
Email if problems. *********************************************************************

Common nouns or pronouns to learn in first grade that help name/refer to the character in a story:

1. family
2. children
3. brother
4. mother
5. sister
6. boy
7. girl
8. people
9. I
10. he
11. she
12. we
13. animal
14. friend

Other words:

1. Character
2. Setting
3. Problem
4. Resolution
5. Beginning
6. Middle
7. End
8. Plot
9. Conflict

Smart Live Online (Times Posted by the Teacher-Librarian)

Enter Class ID: 265 555 
Next 1st Grade Live (Not Zoom but
April 13 Monday 12:15                                            (Online now, Click here to post a comment in problems)                                           

*****4.13.20 12:20p Hi Tayla, I see you. Tell a friend. SIGNING OFF 4.13.20 12:53pm

REVIEW any NEW lists before entering live activities

List Review Part 1: Smart Online (Outside of Class)

List Review Part 2: Smart Online (Outside of Class)

Coming Soon

Spelling City (In Class as Announced and Outside of Class)

or (some words not reviewed in this lesson)

Presentation/Vocabulary Review:  (LRSD accounts, if you are unable to access this link email

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Book Club Reminders from April 8, 2020

*Remember the letter to book club.  Please include:

1-What you have been doing during the stay at home and online learning days.  It could even be your daily or weekly schedule.

2-What you have been reading (Title and author)?  and Tell us something that will get us excited to read the book.

*Consider some read aloud options for Zoom meetings/video.

I hope to post some options for us to vote on here:  (Coming Soon).

Be sure to look at the weekly mystery reader videos that will be posted on this blog and other websites for school. 

Check on the Myon Game and Review How to Navigate in Myon:

Student leaders if you would like to facilitate a group, email me about practicing in break-out rooms before next weeks meeting.

Book Club Meeting Recording (Coming Soon)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mystery Reader: H-Town Coog

1. Favorite Book as a child: All The Berenstain Bears books!
2. I was the OLDEST child in my family.
4. My favorite vacation is going skiing!
5. My favorite quote is "For I know the plans I have for you", delcares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

View the previous reader video and reveal (KEYS):

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Myon Review Game, Presentation, and Other

The next game session will be April 2 at 12 Noon (Game Time delayed: 12:30-1, Use Login 1 Instructions)

Email is problems, questions or concerns

I recommend you preview the presentation before the game.

Login 1-Game Link Here for Live Session (Dates and Times Above): and use Class ID: 265 555

Login 2-Game Link Here for any other time:

Monday, March 30, 2020

Mystery/Guest Reader Code: KEYS

1. Favorite book as a child and grade or other:
Where the Red Fern Grows 4th grade.

2. I was the ___________ child in my family.
Oldest child.

3.  I love to watch ____.
  All sports

4. My favorite vacation is ___.
Anything with my family!

5. 5-My favorite quote is . . .
 "Kindness Is Free!"

Read Aloud and Reveal:
For a limited time, you will find the video on the FHSA Eagles You Tube Channel, FHSA Dogital Sandbox link sent by teachers or login to your Google Account to access this link: to locate the reader video by code or episode.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

AMI Live Sessions and Appoinments Survey

Live Session Topics
Monday, March 30 -- 12 noon--MyClasslink: Myon 
This session is still tentative. Email for final info. or for reschedule notice.

Tuesday, March 31 --12 noon -- Tech Cards from CALS
Return here for session 

Other topic sessions to look for: MyClasslink/Google Tools, STAR Reading Resources at Home, Digital Citizenship/Online Learning Best Practices, and Free Technology Tools.


 About Appoinments:

Complete the survey to receive a response      
(already completed the survey or problems, email

Monday, March 16, 2020

Library Class AMI

Take the AMI Survey to decide feasible Phone/Online Library Hour Activities

AMI  1

Note: The reading log can be downloaded and printed to use. If a student has a reading log or instructions from their teacher. Use those instructions/form instead. Remember to show the media specialist either reading log once we return to school.

Unable to sign-in, try this link:

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Highlights from Dr. Seuss/Read Across America Week

Book and Character Dress-up Day Fashion Show

Dress-up Day and Guest Readers

5th Grader with Guest Reader, Beth Quarles - Girl Scouts

4th Graders with Guest Author, Brenda Bowles

Mason -1st Grade, 1st  Book Fair Drawing Winner
Parent Visitor on Dress-up Day

STEM Inspired by a Book

Inspired by the book, The Fort That Jack Built
Charlie - 2nd Grade and Book Club Member

More inspiration from the Fort that Jack Built
Charlotte - 3rd

Erin and Natalie - 3rd and 1st Grade

Thanks to our visitors March 2
(Please let me know of any names omitted)

Attorney Lee Miller
Dr. Brenda Bowles
Mrs. Beth Quarles

Book Fair Prize Winners
Biddle, Avery – Teegarden K 
Mason Southerland* – Phillips 1st 
Zoey Kendel – Brooks 2nd
Isabel Hansen – Hanson 3rd
Briscoe, Kayleigh-Janelle – Harris 4th
Axhukwu, Mixhelle  - Wilson 5th
Thomas, Gavin – 7th grade 

Door Prize
Chloe* – 1st grade  
Mo Keene -  2nd grade

Wish List Drawing Winner
Vaughn - 2nd Grade