Monday, March 5, 2018

Top Readers November - February 2018

Overall Winners

4th Grader Lucas Coldiron with 106.3 points

3rd Grader Aubrey Snyder with 82.8 AR Points

6th Grader Precious Aldesofi with 74.4 AR Points

2nd Grader  Anshika Kanchanapally with 33 AR points

1st Grader Shauren Garg with 15 AR Points


1st Grader Taran Koneru for 265 Books on Myon

Top 50+ Readers 



Genre = category

Here are a few book categories to know:

Mystery - suspenseful story
Fantasy - not possible (example: talking animals or magical powers)
Science Fiction (fiction that uses science and technology)
Realistic Fiction (fictional characters but could happen)
Traditional Literature (stories passed down from one group to another (examples: fariy tales, folktales, myths)
Informational (texts that provides facts)
Biography (real person's life)
Autobiography  (about a real person's life written by that person)
Poetry (verse often uses rhythm and rhyme)

Bean bag trivia questions (bring in the answer to one or more of these questions to obtain bean bag time):

K-2: Spell the word genre? (must spell in front of media specialist)
2-5: After reading the sample of a Wrinkle in Time, what genre do you think is the book category?
K-5: How many genres can you name and/or describe?