Friday, December 6, 2019

Just a Regular Day in Library Class

Mrs. Carson's 3rd Grade ready for pick-up after
STEM Fair topic brainstorm and weekly check-out
(If I had a million dollars, how would I impact pollution?)

Earned and redeemed coupon activity
(maker and station time)


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  2. -suck up bad air
    -convince people to clean up trash
    -acquire filters to clean up trash in the ocean
    -friends pick up trash from rivers
    -make books that convince people to not pollute
    -develop machine to push trash to select areas of the ocean away from life
    -machines and helicopters to collect and filter ocean water
    -get a group and boat and go out to ocean and clean up
    -create a sphere boat that goes deep to capture trash to recycle
    -become President and make pollution illegal
    -group go to ocean and pick goal amount of liter then repeat other days
    -make a waterproof machine to pick up trash so animals don't get hurt
    -have a factory and store trash to redesign to reuse
    -boat business that picks up trash plus sells t-shirts and wrist bands
    -crew to pick up trash in chain mail suits
    -get supplies and clean up ocean
    -clean the ponds, rivers, lakes . . .

    Pollution is the STEM challenge topic for this grade this year, and classes have focused in on Ocean Pollution.