AMI/Virtual AMI

Library Staff Availability

Tech and Study Group Calls for Williams Broker Classes

Tuesdays 10:00-10:25 (Hanson 3rd Grade) Wednesdays 11:15-11:30 (1st or 3rd)
Text notices 4.20.20  due to Specialist Zoom Meetings, Text Back 2 preferred call days/times

Thursdays 10:00-10:25 (Hanson 3rd grade) and 11:15-11:30 (Fletchet 1st grade)

Williams Online Sessions Schedule Week of April 20

Staff Meeting 9a
Virtual Conference 4p

Hanson 10:30a (visit)
Wright 12 noon (tentative)
Middle School Volunteers 1:30p

Wednesday - Book Club 12 noon

Hanson 10:30a (visit)
Fletcher 12 noon

12 noon - Reservation Open

Interested in one-on-one session, start here:
Find and complete the survey or call 501-503-1448 .

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