Monday, January 27, 2020

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Recognition and Student Work

Do you have student work that you would like to share with the world? It could be a video, a book trailer, slideshow, app, artwork, a photograph, and more.  See the list of categories, examples, and guidelines below. Submit your idea today and completed work by Feb. 21 (

1-21st Century Literacy iFair
Photographed or Digitized Book Displays
Book Trailers
Book Flix
Other electronic products about books
Digital products based on research (slideshow, content for google site/web page, podcast, etc.)
Student Media Festival Projects (see below)
Other TBA

2-AAIM Student Media Festival Projects
Live Action Video
-Sequential Stills
-Interactive Multi-Media
-Sequential Stills
-Black and White Photographs
-Color Photographs
Note: Descriptions and Guidelines here:

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Thursday, December 12, 2019

6th-8th Virtual Book Club and 6th - 8th Grade Students vs. the FHSA Staff (Million Words Challenge)

New Prize Just Added
Thanks to Mrs. Neal, LRSD Inst Tech/Myon

Sign up for the Million Words Challenge here and be sure to list your name and respond with Million Words Challenge
(Guidelines Below)


Reading Challenge
6th – 8th Grade Virtual Book Club 
December 18 – January 18, 2019 (Extended to January 31)
E-Book Microsoft Word Clip art

What to do?

1. Read Books on Myon (no AR Quiz Required) 

2. Read other e-books and print books (and take AR Quiz when at school)
Check if a title is AR on Book Finder:  
Quiz at school:

3. Comment on the book club site (use class response temporarily to give a review of a book) and/or attend Meet Up dates (optional Mondays and Friday 12:30 lunch at school beginning Dec. 20)

4. Report your word count (see below) after the Holiday Break and weekly in the school media center December 18 - January 18.

5. Check-in and listen for the announcement of student prize winners after January 18. 

2- $15 Online book Fair Cards
2 - Xbox or PlayStation Store Cards

1 Top Reader Award Per Grade
1 Drawing Winner (Comment and Meet Up Participants Eligible)
15+ Lanyard, Pin, and Celebration Recipients


Students (6th-8th) vs Staff Million Word Challenge
August - Spring Break 2019 Word Count

How to calculate words for: 

Accelerated Reader Word Count
1.  Login to AR Home Connect (at home status of reading not quizzes)
2. Find and note your word count for the year

Myon Word Count
1. Login to Classlink for Myon 
2. Click your name to reveal profile button
3. Click profile then find and note word count

Add the two word count totals together.  Report this total to the library media center when you have reached a milestone starting with 100,000 words (visit the media center for additional details).

Staff members will calculate totals similarly (See Mrs. Williams about Myon and AR logins and procedures).

Read Time to Word Count Calculator,reading_speed:200,reading_time:1800!minsec

***Categories and Prize***

6th - 8th Reading Challenge/Virtual Book Club
Book Fair Gift Card (Immediate Online Purchase)
Xbox or PlayStation Gift Card
Fire HD 8 Tablet

Staff vs Students  Challenge
1st Group to Reach 1 million words Dec. 18 - March 31
Overall most words read August 2019 - March 31, 2020

Bragging Rights
(Who will win? Students or Staff)

Don't forget 6th - 8th Grades are competing for a field trip based on library check-outs.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Just a Regular Day in Library Class

Mrs. Carson's 3rd Grade ready for pick-up after
STEM Fair topic brainstorm and weekly check-out
(If I had a million dollars, how would I impact pollution?)

Earned and redeemed coupon activity
(maker and station time)