Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Station 1
Video 1: Rain Forest (Twitter)

Station 2
Video 2: Indegious leader in Brazil ... (CBSN on You Tube)

Station 3
Chart 1: Timber value and murders

Station 4
Article 1: Amid Outrage Over Rain Forest . . .

Station 5
Article 2: Why the Amazon doesn't really produce 20% of the world's oxygen

Station 6
Chart 2: Deforestation in the Brazilian Ampn, 1988-2015

Destructive Amazon Fires Do Not Threaten Earth's Oxygen Expert Says

Causes of Deforestation in the Brazillian Amazon, 2000-2006

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Library Lessons

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Overdue Books

Please use this page to get updates about overdue books.

Students with overdue books should return their book as soon as possible. Students that are unable to should complete the survey linked here.

Students that have not returned their book, completed the survey, or made arrangements by June 3 will be assessed a lost book fine of up to $25.

 If you dropped off your book during drive thru dates, ignore any notices.

List of Patrons with Items
Access the link with an LRSD Google Account or complete the survey above to be contacted.
A list update is expected after book quarantine May 29-June 5 or 9 (TBA).