Friday, May 22, 2020

Overdue Books

Please use this page to get updates about overdue books.

Students with overdue books should return their book as soon as possible. Students that are unable to should complete the survey linked here.

Students that have not returned their book, completed the survey, or made arrangements by June 3 will be assessed a lost book fine of up to $25.

 If you dropped off your book during drive thru dates, ignore any notices.

List of Patrons with Items
Access the link with an LRSD Google Account or complete the survey above to be contacted.
A list update is expected after book quarantine May 29-June 5 or 9 (TBA).

Monday, May 18, 2020

Opinion Writing - 1st Grade Stop Here

Vocabulary - General

Vocabulary-Students Create (Use Try Sample):

Student said they needed to practice at least one word on this list:
linking words
opinion piece (you may need to list these words individually)

A Place to Write on Opinion Piece - My favorite book is ________ because ___________.

Click Here to Type

Monday, May 11, 2020

1st Grade Lesson Links

 May 11 November Birthday Winners
Hunter * Chloe

After the lesson, go to 

Select, write, and type 4 focus words to review from the lesson
(Check your spelling)

Try a sample activity using any of these words that you feel you should practice:

Opinion Writing Word Lists

Orange List

Yellow List
linking words
opinion piece

More Presentation and Activity Links Coming Soon

Monday, May 4, 2020

Special Events You May Enjoy - Week of May 4

Tricks, Skills, and Fun - May 5
Zoom Visit with Retired Globetrotter Herbert "Flight Time" Lang

One and Only Bob Book Launch Online with the Author -May 5
To register go to:

Monday, April 27, 2020

AR testing now available at home

AR Testing is now available from home. 

Students should be able to access Renaissance Learning in Classlink or from the media center online at under recommended links.

User: first.lastname
Password: id/lunchnumber

If questions or problems, email

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Shine Bright Like a Diamond - Digital Etiquette Starters

Hello, I hope to visit with classes online whenever I can and hope you will:

Get Caught Shining Like a Diamond

1 - Keep your microphone muted until asked to speak (try to set up your meeting and learning environment with as little background noise as possible).

2 - Show how attentive you are by sitting up and looking into the camera screen with a calm body (as if listening to a story during class carpet time). Your head and shoulders should appear centered and facing the camera (as much as feasible) to show that you are paying attention.

3 - Actively participate when asked to give answers by microphone or reaction.

4 - Leave the microphone, chat, screen share/writing tools, and all computer areas inactive until asked to use them (inactive = don't touch).

5 - Show kindness and respect. (Demonstrate that you care about the teacher, students, and the work).

I would love to acknowledge individual students, groups, and classes with a Diamond Digital Badge (posted online and emailed) symbolizing how great you are interacting online.  In addition, I will list these students, groups, and classes (by individual name) in a drawing to get a special mail or delivery item from me.  Click the class response link to suggest reasonable items you would like sent to you as a prize (recognition online, you name the student friendly online activity and invite friends to share screen, food item, small gift, digital prize, special e-post card/letter, by email, etc.):  Class Response.

D. Williams, LMS