Saturday, November 30, 2019

Reading Challenges

Submit your book titles for Reading and Science on the R.I.S.E. at:

Weekly Results

Kick-off Totals – Week November 1 – 11 (8am)

Submitted to R & S on the R.I.S.E.
Average Check-in/# Check-out
84%/87% (Correction)

Reading Challenge Guidelines

Round 1 - Lanyard Reward
The first 50+ students to read and submit 3 titles in their reading range receive a special FHSA Reader Lanyard. At least one of the three titles must be a science book.

Round 2 - Pin Reward
The first 50+ students that submit 3 additional titles in their reading range with at least 1 science book, receive reward lapel pins for their lanyards. This will make a total of 6 books read in their range that include 2 science books.

K and 1st
Students may utilize Myon (All Readers) and Accelerated Reader (Independent Readers) to participate in the challenge.

2nd - 5th
Students must utilize Accelerated Reader (many books on Myon are also AR).

6th - 8th
Students must utilize Accelerated Reader (many books on Myon are also AR).
!!!!!!!New Middle School and High School Titles Added!!!!!!!

Class/Grade Level Competition
The class and/or grade level is eligible for special activities/field trips based on books read with the highest average (K-5 checked-in) and highest number (6-8 checked-out). 

Accelerated Reader

1-Students select an AR Book to Read at School, Home, etc.

2-Students take an AR Quiz at school
(Parents can monitor student progress at:  > Login as student firstname.lastname and password: Student ID/Lunch Number)

1-Login into > Login username: StudentID/Lunch Number and password: Birthday YYYY/MM/DDX (X = capitalize first name letter) 

2-Locate the Myon Icon > Search and read selected books (also see recommended)

Friday, November 1, 2019

Students Day Out - Teacher PD: RISE Training Moment

Facilitator: Create a meme about reading


Rain Forest

Station 1
Video 1: Rain Forest (Twitter)

Station 2
Video 2: Indegious leader in Brazil ... (CBSN on You Tube)

Station 3
Chart 1: Timber value and murders

Station 4
Article 1: Amid Outrage Over Rain Forest . . .

Station 5
Article 2: Why the Amazon doesn't really produce 20% of the world's oxygen

Station 6
Chart 2: Deforestation in the Brazilian Ampn, 1988-2015

Destructive Amazon Fires Do Not Threaten Earth's Oxygen Expert Says

Causes of Deforestation in the Brazillian Amazon, 2000-2006

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Science/STEM/Community Service Fair Resources

On-line Resources Compiled for FHSA General Library and Research Needs (also see #3)
Click here to view resources

Science/STEM Fair Tips

1. Science Fair Experiments (see for ideas and possible sources) (Ideas for science) (Ideas for engineering)                        (Book list at FHSA to consider ideas with known sources available)

Consider using Wikipedia for ideas even if you don't use it as a main source.  Also, look at the sources in the selected Wikipedia article. Use the following resources to test how reliable the sources are: Hints about Print and

2. Creating an Original Science Project Idea

3. FHSA Library
Online Public Acces Catalog (OPAC) or (Symbaloo > OPAC)
(Request a book order for a title that we do not have that you would like to check-out.)

eScience Library (Database features: lexile level, audio read to, change language, click to definition, book carts (teacher recommended sources) and more)

Pebble Go Next (see On-line Resources Compiled for FHSA for username and password)

ProQuest Central (Databases)

The FHSA Library also has quite a few printed encyclopedias that could be used as a source.

**********Why use databases versus the Internet?******

4. Central Arkansas Library

OPAC and Databases (some links may require your Tech Card #) > Reference and Research > Databases by Subject > Scroll to Science

5. Help with Citing Sources  (seeing defining terms and example in Science Fair Packet: Bibliography)

Easy Bib

Google Docs/Google Slides Research Tool

Purdue OWL Research and Citation Resources
(Google: Owl Purdue citing sources)

6. Science Fair Board Display Tips

Discovery Education

Science Fair Buddies Advanced Tips

7. Ask for Help
If you have attempted to locate the information that you need and are having trouble, come by the media center for additional information about any of these resources  and/or make an appointment for a science fair consultation.  Also, see resources in your S Fair Packet.


RESOURCES (from  previous FHSA Science Fair Packets)
The Kids’ Guide to Science 
NCES Kids’ Zone Graph Maker:

Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental ideas/Research) 

Monday, October 28, 2019

From the desk of the LMS: Evolution

This year, I started with a basic bulletin board set-up with a goal of changing out themed components while making it interactive.  The first two boards included students and staff listing (1) books read this summer and (2) books they read that had been challenged and/or banned (beginning banned books' week).  I decided that my next bulletin board would say Fall Into a Great  Book (hence the leaves) and ask participants to list favorite books.  However, today I hadn't finished the directions for the bulletin board and decided to list a quote.  I realized after the first line that opps this was going to mess up my next design (I can't get these letters off without messing them up. Anyway, I digress.).  As I figured out how to use laminate to keep the letters reusable, I realized that this could be another interactive bulletin board.  Why not have students and staff replace the word magic with another word (You can find MAGIC wherever you Look Sit back and relax, all you need is a Book. - Dr. Seuss).  Later, I decided that we could even add a synonym of the word (RISE) and then underline the syllables (RISE again).  Ideas just kept coming and coming.  I just finished the board about 15 minutes ago when this photo was taken, but I hope to update the photo when participants have an opportunity to post.  Today's theme for my work day (accidentally), evolution.

P.S. Someone tell me how to get the first few lines off this dry erase board for letter reuse (vinyl stuck to dry erase board before I used laminate for lines 5-8). HELP!!!!!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Book Clubs

Book Club is filled.  See Mrs. Williams about the waiting list or email

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Resource Spotlight: Logging into Myon

Step 1: Login to the Chromebook with 
Password: YYYYMMDDX (Birthday year, Month, Day, and First Name Initial Capitalized)
(Skip to step 2 if not on a Chromebook)

Step 2: Locate the media center’s website ( > Click elementary favorites
Click Classlink  > Locate Myon > Select a book and begin reading